VIDEO ENCODING AND DECODING METHOD. Метод кодування та декодування відео

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Nowadays a multimedia content requires the improvement of communication technology. Compression is a process of data redundancy elimination or reducing. Effective storing multimedia and transmission of the data is an actual task. Inpainting can recover homogenous regions in a natural-looking manner, even when certain kinds of limited structure are present. However, conventional image inpainting is not effective at regenerating significant visual structure, especially if they are unique or have special, exact placement in the image. Method for vision-based image compression (HVS), e.g., compression based on structure-aware in-painting discarding regions where features are not detected. Such systems and methods significantly boost image (and video) compression and coding efficiency. The overall result of using the content information is a higher compression ratio than conventional techniques, especially for images that have some redundant visual structure, and a high perceptual fidelity to the original image.
multimedia coding, human visual system, compression rate, fractal image, self-similarity, computer vision, кодування мультимедіа, людська зорова система, ступінь стиснення, фрактальне стиснення, самоподібність, ком'пютерний зір