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    VIDEO ENCODING AND DECODING METHOD. Метод кодування та декодування відео
    (2018) Zybin, Serhii; Зибін, С.; Kis, Hennadii; Кіс, Г.
    Nowadays a multimedia content requires the improvement of communication technology. Compression is a process of data redundancy elimination or reducing. Effective storing multimedia and transmission of the data is an actual task. Inpainting can recover homogenous regions in a natural-looking manner, even when certain kinds of limited structure are present. However, conventional image inpainting is not effective at regenerating significant visual structure, especially if they are unique or have special, exact placement in the image. Method for vision-based image compression (HVS), e.g., compression based on structure-aware in-painting discarding regions where features are not detected. Such systems and methods significantly boost image (and video) compression and coding efficiency. The overall result of using the content information is a higher compression ratio than conventional techniques, especially for images that have some redundant visual structure, and a high perceptual fidelity to the original image.
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    Дистанційні методи електронного контролю об'єктів. DISTANCE METHODS OF ELECTRONIC CONTROL OF OBJECTS
    (2018) Рибальський, О.В.; Rybalskyi, O.V.; Крутофіст, І.М.; Krutofist, I.M.; Кудінов, В.А.; Kudinov, V.A.
    Basic methods of the construction of the system of control of personality systems are considered. It is shown, that the used systems aren’t bar enough to external interferences. It gives the possibility to the malefactors to block alarming and imitating the signals of the normal condition of devices of control. An aim of the paper is the development of the method of increasement of stability of the system to the possible blocking and imitation of work of the checking system. It is shown that an application in the system of the sessions of connection, conducted in random moments, allows to promote its stability. The increasement of stability and application of code sequences of the signals chosen by chance for every session of connection. Method of construction of control system of such devices is worked out, having enhanceable firmness to external interferences. Thus, the time of subsequent session, chosen by chance, and casual code sequences are formed during the current session of connection and passed from the base station to the supervisory device. Time of subsequent session of connection gets out from the set maximal interval of time between sessions, which is determined by register length and by the clock rate used in the system. This choice is realized true by chance by application of generator of noise. The system on the basis of this generator and threshold devices forms a signal, setting a register in some casual position, qualificatory time of subsequent session. Analogical character is forming of casual code sequence for this session. These operations in the system are conducted in the automatic mode. All these actions are produced automatically without intervention of an operator, therefore the parameters of the next session of connection are unknown to him. It eliminates the preliminary drafting of curriculum of sessions of connection and table of the code sequences applied in every session. The increasement of firmness is arrived at due to that neither the malefactors nor operator, checking the location of the controlled personality, don’t know either time or check code, which will be used during the next session of connection. Possibility of the influence of a man on the process of control is thus removed.
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    Оцінювання ймовірності реалізації загроз інформаційній системі на різних рівнях стеку ТСР/ІР. EVALUATION OF THE POSSIBILITY OF REALIZING OF THREATS TO THE INFORMATION SYSTEM AT DIFFERENT STAGES OF TCP / IP
    (2018) Опірський, І.Р.; Opirskyi, I.R.; Тишик, І.Я.; Tyshyk, I.Y.
    In the paper the basic classical models of security informational systems and their description are given. Statistical analysis of attempts of information threats in information systems with open architecture is carried out. The simulation of the probability of threats to information at different levels of the protocol stack TCP/IP is conducted, the simulation results are analyzed. In order to determine the effectiveness of the implementation of information threats to information systems with open architecture, the task is to carry out a statistical analysis of the attempts to implement information threats in such information systems, to simulate the probability of implementing threats of information in information systems at different levels of the TCP / IP protocol stack, to analyze the obtained probability of implementation threats to information in TCP / IP-based information systems. Graphs of time series are constructed that correspond to changes in the relative frequency of attempts to realize information threats from the registered time values and graphs of the experimental and theoretical normal distribution of the probabilities of realization of threats. It is resulted that the obtained average value as a whole (for network, transport and application levels) meets the criteria of reliability.It has also been shown that the non-compliance with the validity criteria of an assessment obtained on the basis of data on attempts to implement threats at the channel level is due to the large number of null values of relative frequencies, which is due to the very rare implementation of information threats at this level of the stack. As a result of the simulation, the significance of the statistical probability of realizing information threats in IP for each level of the TCP / IP protocol stack is obtained. It is established that the obtained values of the statistical probability of realization of information threats in general coincide with the theoretical values, which gives grounds to assert about the sufficient accuracy of an approximation and its applicability to assess the statistical probability of realizing the information threats at different levels of the TCP / IP protocol stack. In addition, since the likelihood of the implementation of information threats increases with each next higher level of the stack, it is obviously relevant for further development and implementation of security protocols at the higher levels of the TCP / IP stack.
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    Порівняльний аналіз протоколів множинного доступу з контролем несної та виявленням конфліктів. COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF MULTIPLE ACCESS PROTOCOLS WITH CONTROL OF THE BEARING ONE AND CONFLICT DETECTION
    (2018) Єрохін, В.Ф.; Yerokhin, V.F.; Полякова, А.С.; Poliakova, A.S.
    In the paper the equations of stationaries of protocols carrier sense multiple access with conflict detection and additional assumption about conflict resolution at the physical layer are considered. An analysis of the throughput increasing of communication systems with random multiple access with the introduction of the conflicts resolution procedure at the physical layer is carried out. For analyzing multiple access protocols the methods of probability theory, mass-service theory, and asymptotic analysis in the queueing theory are used. For carrier sense multiple access with conflict detection protocol construction the graphs and for the protocol analysis of the solution only pairwise conflicts and forbidden processing of single applications is substantiated. On the graphs, each vertex represents the state of the system. The edges of the graph are oriented and demonstrate possible transitions from one state to another. In the graph, draw only those edges are drawn that show transitions with non-zero probability. The convenience of this method of description of the queuing systems is in its clarity and the possibility of the implementation of a simple rule for the system of differential equations for the probability of queuing systems. Mathematical model of such a system of mass service was constructed. By further transformations, the transition to the stationary conditions was carried out. Requirements of the elementary stream with the parameter enter the service system with an infinite number of devices. It is shown that in comparison with the classical protocol, in assumption of pair conflicts resolving procedures at the physical layer, with such access protocol the throughput of the communication system will be significantly increased. The results of the throughput analysis of the few protocols are mentioned. Now it is possible to draw such conclusions that as the range of signals is stable and it is impossible to expand it, and the needs for communication transfer are growing, the introduction of demodulators capable of separating several inter-wining signals can significantly increase the throughput of channels. At the same time, there is the need to use new algorithms of multiple access protocols, the analysis of which shows the feasibility of their use.
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    Аспекти формування вимог до систем виявлення безпілотних повітряних суден (апаратів). ASPECTS OF FORMING REQUIREMENTS FOR DETECTION SYSTEMS OF UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLES (UAV (A))
    (2018) Заїчко, К.В.; Zaichko, K.V.
    The rapid development of the market for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV (A)) contributed to their implementation in various sectors of industry, agriculture, economy and entertainment. In turn, the unlimited possibility of acquiring and, accordingly, unregulated and careless use of such devices leads to irreversible consequences, including severe ones. This year in June the Temporary Use of Airspace was published for the consi- deration and discussion of citizens. A new name for devices has been suggested – remotely manned aircraft. It is proposed to introduce the registration of these devices and obtain appropriate permits for flights nearby airports, roads, houses and structures of crowded places, etc. Unauthorized use of UAV (A) can not be left out of the attention of the law enforcement system, especially in mass events. There is a need for monitoring and insurance of the possibility of counteracting unauthorized flights of UAV (A) over protected objects and on objects representing an area of a high danger. The creation of detection and response systems must meet a number of requirements. Continuous development and modernization of UAV (A) devices involves state-of-the-art control technologies that have increased the resistance to interference. The possibility of updating parameters and characteristics of UAV (A) (amplifiers for the increasement of the range of remote controls, coding of control channels and information transmission) is not excluded, and this will greatly complicate the tasks of law enforcement agencies. Technical systems and means of monitoring and counteraction to the UAV (A) that are planned to be equipped must meet the current technical requirements and have a developed architecture that will make it impossible to observe moral aging throughout their lifetime.
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    Аналого-дискретний пристрій, захищений від витоку побічних електромагнітних випромінювань. ANALOG-DISCRETE DEVICE PROTECTED FROM CONTINUOUS ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION
    (2018) Дудикевич, В.Б.; Dudykevych, V.B.; Опірський, І.Р.; Opirskyi, I.R.; Гаранюк, П.І.; Haraniuk, P.I.; Березюк, Б.М.; Bereziuk, B.M.; Ракобовчук, Л.М.; Rakobovchuk, L.M.
    The design of an analog-discrete device is developed. Its feature is the absence of external voltage sources, converters and voltage dividers, and thus protected from leakage of side electromagnetic radiation. Since the electro-optical effects in liquid crystals have a threshold character, this property will lie at the basis of the use of liquid crystals to create indicators with a low level of radiation. These indicators are distinguished by a low power consumption, high reliability, simple design and low cost. The transformation of an electrical signal into an optical counting occurs in a liquid crystal display. This is achieved due to the fact that the reference electro- optical elements are connected with a voltage divider, whose role is performed by a high-level electrode, which is contained inside the indicator. The electro-optical reference elements are formed by mutually penetrating combing electrodes placed on the same glass substrate of the indicator. This greatly simplifies the technology of manufacturing the device, because the thickness of the layer of liquid crystal becomes insignificant and there is no need to strictly withstand it. The measured voltage is applied to contact pads, which are located at the ends of high-level electrode, which acts as a voltage divider. From the divider, the voltage is fed to one part (upper) of the comb electrodes, and to the second part (lower) of the electrodes, mutually penetrating with the help of a low-anode electrode. The topology of electrodes, including comb, is performed by milling fine films with an argon laser. In the study, we found out the criterion of the possibility of constructing a reference device with different degrees of reference, which uses the electro-optical effect in a liquid crystal with threshold voltage. And it has been shown that if such equality is not fulfilled, it is necessary to change the levels of voltage reference. The results of studies and calculations of the device on the twist effect and the effect of dynamic light scattering are presented. The results of experimental studies are quite consistent with the calculations, which testifies to the possibility of practical application of an analog-discrete display unit.
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    Нетрадиционные реализации микрополосковых СВЧ-устройств. NON-TRADITIONAL IMPLEMENTATION OF MICROSTRIP MICROWAVE DEVICES
    (2018) Глушеченко, Э.Н.; Hlushechenko, E.N.
    An analysis of the propagation modes of electromagnetic waves in microwave devices is given. The features of the traveling-wave mode are considered on the example of a waveguide (classical) directional traveling-wave filter. The basic block diagram of the NBF is given, on the basis of an analysis of which the requirements for the implementation of such a filter on microstrip are formed. The reasons for the lack of the required microstrip coupler with 3 dB transient attenuation are explained. A method for implementing the necessary 3dB coupler based on the well-known tandem composite coupler is suggested. The process of its modification into a 3dB coupler with an autonomous secondary channel is described. The feasibility of a single-cavity microstrip directional traveling-wave filter based on a modified tandem-type microstrip coupler has been theoretically substantiated and experimentally confirmed. A comparative analysis of the amplitude-frequency characteristics of directional traveling-wave filters in the classical and microstrip versions is given.
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    Розробка теоретичних основ методу відокремлення цифрового зображення, збереженого у форматі без втрат, від зображення, збереженого із втратами. DEVELOPMENT OF THEORETICAL BASIS OF THE METHOD OF SEPARATING DIGITAL IMAGE SAVED IN A FORMAT WITHOUT LOSSES FROM A IMAGE SAVED WITH LOSSES
    (2018) Бобок, І.І.; Bobok, I.I.; Кобозєва, А.А.; Kobozieva, A.A.
    Information integrity is one of the main properties of the information security object. The use of information content is often possible only if its integrity is not compromised. The task of identifying violations of the integrity of an information remains relevant one. Particular difficulties arise if the violation of the integrity of information content leads to its very minor disturbances. Today, digital images, video, digital audio are often used as information contents. The work is devoted to the analysis of digital images. Currently, the storage and transmission of digital images is carried out in two fundamentally different forms – with losses and without losses. Unauthorized actions on the image often lead to a difference in the format of the original image from the one whose integrity is violated. This is typical for a steganography, when the organization of a hidden communication channel uses the steganographic method, which is not resistant to attacks against the embedded message, and the image in a lossy format acts as a container. Establishing the fact of a format change here is a pointer to the transformation of the image, to the violation of its integrity, can be used for the purposes of steganoanalysis. Paper developed a theoretical basis of the method of separaton of a digital image, which was originally stored in a lossless format, from that which was saved to a lossless format from a lossy format. The basis of the future method is the analysis of the normalized separation of the maximum singular numbers of blocks of the image matrix. The blocks are obtained as a result of the standard partition of the matrix. During the examination, the image is re-stored in a lossy format (Jpeg) with quality factors. The curve reflecting the dependence of the number of blocks of a digital image for which the normalized separation of the maximum singular numbers does not change after being saved in Jpeg as a function of the quality factor is analyzed. During development, the concept of a pronounced local maximum of a function was introduced and formalized. The existence/absence of a pronounced local maximum on the mentioned curve is a pointer to the format of the original image with loss/ lossless.