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    Конструктивні особливості бронювання автомобілів. CONSTRUCTIVE FEATURES OF CAR ARMOURING
    (2018) Шевченко, В.О.; Shevchenko, V.O.
    Paper provides a brief historical reference on the creation of armoured vehicles. The relevance of armouring of means of moving people and cargoes is considered. There are historical examples of vehicles armouring. The countries-originators of cars armouring and the initial experience of their use in the First World War are noted. The directions and general technical requirements for the secret amour of socalled “civilian” armored cars are presented. The constructive features of car armouring of both serial cars and vehicles created for specific customer requirements are described. The description of processes of factory and cars armouring is given. Attention is focused on the principal differences and features, the pros and cons of such cars armouring are evaluated. Methods and options used in the creation of armored vehicles for the transportation of special vehicles are considered. The approaches to armour the cars and trucks are described. Various options for armour of cars for transportation of special vehicles are estimated. There are examples of the increasement of the cost of the car after armouring. The levels of secret car armouring are updated depending on the goals, cost of the work, the probability of attack and modern technical capabilities. The protective properties of the car armour made in accordance with the developed project of its armour protection have been evaluated. The examples of modern materials used for armouring cars are given, and their capabilities are assessed depending on the attack options on the object and the characteristics of the probable means of destruction. The so-called “opaque armour”, multilayer polymers and bullet-resistant glass are described. Examples of breakage of armour by means of defeat are given. The capabilities of various modern sniper complexes are evaluated and potential ways of protection against their use are analyzed. The constructive features of creating cars with secret armour are systematized in accordance with an improvement of the means of destruction, the capabilities of modern materials for armour protection and the trends of technical progress. An importance of using armoured cars is shown. General requirements for cars with secret armour are described: its so-called “armored capsules”, glass, door locks and hinges, engine and its systems, transmission, running gear, wheels, luggage compartment, bumpers, life support systems and a driver’s view. Several recommendations for the constructive features of secret car armouring are formulated depending on the specific requirements that will be applied to it. Attention is drawn to the importance of the issues of preserving mobility, safety, convenience and the specifics of driving an armored car.
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    Перспективи створення мпеціалізованих транспортних засобів для кінологічних підрозділів та служб системи Міністерства внутрішніх справ України. PROSPECTS OF CREATION OF SPECIALIZED VEHICLES FOR CYNOLOGICAL DIVISIONS AND SERVICES OF THE MINISTRY OF INTERIOR OF UKRAINE
    (2018) Смерницький, Д.В.; Smernytskyi, D.V.; Будзинський, М.П.; Budzynskyi, M.P.; Диких, О.В.; Dykykh, O.V.; Приходько, В.І.; Prykhodko, V.I.
    Paper deals with the peculiarities of operative and service activities of cynological divisions and services of central executive authorities whose activities are directed and coordinated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine through the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Guard of Ukraine. The capacity of specialized vehicles for the transportation of cynologists and guard dogs has been analyzed and the main requirements that influence the process of development, manufacture and testing of these vehicles are determined. The purpose of the paper is to carry out an analysis of existing specialized vehicles for the transportation of cynologists and guard dogs, as well as to formulate requirements that should be put forward in the development and production of new specialized vehicles for the cinema units and services of the Ministry of Interior and the National Police of Ukraine. Several aspects of creation, historical genesis, classification and certain types of specialized vehicles for the transportation of cynologists and guard dogs on the basis of vehicles UAZ-31514, UAZ-3909 “Farmer”, UAZ-3163 “Patrio”, VAZ-2123 “Niva Chevrolet” and a specialized cynological trailer-complex for the transportation of guard dogs, special equipment and property for their maintenance. Information is given about the àctivitus carried out in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine for the development and production of specialized cynological vehicles on the basis of a passenger car with a type of a body wagon, a truck with a whole-metal body van, a cargo-passenger and a specialized cynological trailer for cynological units of the Department of Organization of Cynological Activities of the National Police of Ukraine. Basic requirements and directions of the development of specialized cynological vehicles for the transportation of the personnel of the Cynological Service and guard dogs, special equipment and property for their maintenance have been formed.