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    Вибір параметрів еліптичних кривих у задачах шифрування інформаційних потоків
    (2018) Якименко, І.З.; Тимошенко, Л.М.; Касянчук, М.М.
    The analysis of information flow protection systems using the mathematical apparatus of elliptic curves (EC) was conducted in this paper on which basis the main advantages were established, namely, the speed and relatively small length of the key. It provides unique capabilities for building reliable and efficient cryptographic algorithms. Despite the significant advantages of EC in cryptographic information security systems, there are also some difficulties that hamper the practical use of EC in these systems. They are conditioned by the need for solving such urgent classes of tasks – providing a simple number of p – module for the conversion of groups of points of an elliptic curve, generating parameters and bases on the EC, finding the order of EC. Therefore, studies were conducted on the choice of parameters of the EC according to certain criteria, taking into account which can build information flow protection systems that will provide the necessary level of stability and security against unauthorized access. The theoretical foundations of cryptography on the basis of the mathematical apparatus of elliptic curves and the estimation of computational complexity of the methods of point exponentiation, which are basic in encrypting information flows in computer systems are presented. Based on the conducted studies, the graphs of the dependence of memory volume M of each method, depending on the width of the window w, when bit input parameters of the EC 200 bit and the time complexity. The latter points indicate a significant advantage of the method of maximum memory compared with the method of exponentiation at a fixed point, and in two cases, there is a slight decrease in computing resources approximately 1.25 times with an increase in the dimension of the window. It is also established that the method of exponentialization at a fixed point needs much less memory.
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    Упровадження технології безконтактного обміну даними в телекомунікаційні системи
    (2018) Ткаленко, О.М.
    Areas of telecommunication systems working with non-contact data communication and area technologies in which there is an opportunity to implement NFC is studied. The main factors hindering the development of NFC in Ukraine are investigated, factors for the active development of technology in Ukraine are determined; the most important differences between NFC and RFID are analyzed. Methods of implementing NFC technology, choosing the right type of chip are considered. The scheme of organizing the test facility for testing the device to meet the requirements of contactless data exchange is developed. It is proposed to extend the scope of application of NFC by introducing technology into various telecommunication systems
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    Деякі аспекти термінології експертизи матеріалів та засобів відеозвукозапису
    (2018) Рибальський, О.В.; Журавель, В.В.
    Paper provides new terms that have arisen and are used in the modern examination of materials and means of video-, audio recording, and their definitions are suggested. Several definitions of some terms used earlier have been corrected as well. The proposed definitions of terms reflect physical and technical essence of the objects they designate. The terminology is suggested to use when drawing up expert conclusions.
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    Информационные атаки и модель рисков в информационном противоборстве
    (2018) Пирцхалава, Л.Г.; Хорошко, В.А.; Хохлачова, Ю.Е.
    The rapid development of computer technologies has discavered for humanity unprecedented opportunities for automation of intellectual work and led to the creation of a large number of various kinds of automated information and control systems, the emergence of fundamentally new, so-called information technology. If we do not properly take care of neutralizing the negative factors accompanying the progress, then the effect of introducing the latest achievements of science and technology can turn out to be generally negative. In other words, without due attention to safety issues, the consequences of the transition of society to new technologies can be catastrophic for it and its citizens. This is the case with informatization of society.
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    Пошук несправностей у складних технічних системах
    (2018) Кузаков, В.В.; Хусаінов, П.В.
    Paper is devoted to the main points of an organization of troubleshooting in complex technical systems such as “a same type firmware network”, and in this connection it is proposed the subsequent development of practical methods for solving technical diagnostics problems and the concept of an autonomous automated diagnostic system with elements of a decision support system relative to the chosen object of study. In this context, represented activities of search operations performers in the application of known troubleshooting and its characteristics (disadvantages and advantages) methods for servicing a network of the same type firmware are provided.
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    Методика оцінки точності вимірювань при вирішенні завдання електромагнітної сумісності радіоелектронних засобів
    (2018) Кузаков, В.В.; Зарубенко, А.О.
    Actuality of the solving of task of providing of the simultaneous and compatible func-tioning of different radio engineering, electronic and electrical engineering equipment – decision of task of electromagnetic compatibility of technical objects is considered in the paper. It is stated that testing technical objects on electromagnetic compatibility allows promoting the degree of their firmness to the obstacles. Influence of exactness of measuring of parameters of technical objects is grounded at tests on electromagnetic compatibility. The method of an estimation of the exactness of measuring parameters is offered, which can be used for creation of the computer-controlled measuring systems for the solving of tasks of electromagnetic compatibility.
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    Удосконалений алгоритм оптимізації процесу планового ремонту складних технічних об'єктів
    (2018) Жиров, Г.Б.; Лєнков, Є.С.; Толок, І.В.
    One of the components of the overall system of maintenance and repair is the system of planned repairs. The system of planned repairs is a complex of organizational and technical measures for the care, operation and repair of complex technical objects aimed at preventing premature failure of parts, components, units, blocks and mechanisms and keeping them in working condition. The essence of the system of planned repairs is that after the development of a technical object of a certain time preventive inspections and various types of planned repairs, the periodicity and duration of which depend on the design and repair features of the object, the conditions of its operation, as well as the capabilities of repair bodies, are carried out. In work the improved algorithm of optimization of the parameters of the planned repair process is developed, which is an integral part of the simulation statistical model of the object. Ìodeling allows determining the optimal parameters of the planned repair of a complex technical object.
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    Оцінка ефективності ламп розжарювання й напівпровідникових діодів як джерел селективного інфрачервоного випромінювання
    (2018) Головенський, В.В.; Неділько, С.М.; Сєлюков, О.В.
    Methodical approaches to comparative estimation of the efficiency of sources of thermal and electroluminescent radiation in the infrared wavelength range are offered. Mathematical expressions for calculating their energy efficiency are obtained. The results of the introduction of LED technologies in the airdrome lighting facilities show the significant operational advantages of LEDs over traditional sources of illumina- tion – incandescent lamps. In modern developments of complex navigation systems for aircraft, there is provided multi-channel information gathering for the aircraft crew, including the use of the infrared range of electromagnetic waves. However, the issue of the efficiency of incandescent lamps as impulse infrared beacons in the lighting systems is open due to the emergence of powerful semiconductor diodes (infrared diodes) of the infrared range. A comparative analysis of the efficiency of incandescent lamps and infrared radiation diodes of serial production was carried out. Methodical approaches to the definition of comparative estimations of the radiant efficiency of the sources of thermal and recombination mechanisms of radiation are proposed.
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    Методика й алгоритм структуризації задач управління телекомунікаціними мережами військового призначення.
    (2018) Бовда, Е.М.
    Paper deals with the analysis of management problems on the basis of two methods of an analysis of management functions: the method of streamlining information flows and the method based on the construction of the objectives of the structure. It is shown that in the systems of operational management (which are the part of the system of engineering) the design of their organizational structures should be based on a general methodological basis, which represents management activity as a purposeful (functional feature), which proceeds in the time (temporal sign) and spatial (spatial sign) framework. The procedure for identifying strongly bound tasks corresponding to the task of constructing rational areas of activity is given. Methodology and algorithm for vertical structuring of management problems, which can be applied to the analysis of the hierarchy of tasks solved by an organizational structure in control systems are suggested.