Методика й алгоритм структуризації задач управління телекомунікаціними мережами військового призначення.

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Paper deals with the analysis of management problems on the basis of two methods of an analysis of management functions: the method of streamlining information flows and the method based on the construction of the objectives of the structure. It is shown that in the systems of operational management (which are the part of the system of engineering) the design of their organizational structures should be based on a general methodological basis, which represents management activity as a purposeful (functional feature), which proceeds in the time (temporal sign) and spatial (spatial sign) framework. The procedure for identifying strongly bound tasks corresponding to the task of constructing rational areas of activity is given. Methodology and algorithm for vertical structuring of management problems, which can be applied to the analysis of the hierarchy of tasks solved by an organizational structure in control systems are suggested.
система управління телекомунікаційною мережею військового призначення, задачі управління, структуризація задач, вертикальна (ієрархічна) структуризація, організаційна структура, military telecommunication network management system, tasks of management, task structuring, vertical (hierarchical) structuring, organizational structure.