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    Застосування бездротових відеокамер як елемент екіпірування службових собак. APPLICATION OF WIRELESS VIDEO CAMERAS AS AN OPERATING ELEMENT OF GUARD DOGS
    (2018) Лопатін, С.І.; Lopatin, S.I.; Буран, В.В.; Buran, V.V.
    Paper deals with modern experience of using portable high-tech equipment for guard dogs by specialists from foreign countries, application of the latest technologies for solving the problems of counteraction to crime in Ukraine. The latest statistics on the detection of crimes and offenses with the participation of cynologists and guard dogs were given. It is indicated on the development of telecommunication facilities and the possibility of equipping cynological units with special equipment for the transmission of video images, both during the conduct of law enforcement and the rescue of people. The features of dogs, characteristic behavior and the appropriate way of movement are noted, they have a number of important functions that aren’t accessible to either man or robots (drones). It has been outlined that equipment for wireless transmission of information must meet a number of functional requirements. Conventional equipment on sale for video transmission does not meet the requirements of cynological divisions during special operations. Along with this, there are several problems related to fixing it and one of the less important problems is related to the ergonomic use of animals directly. It is known that foreign objects and telecommunication facilities can constitute a significant obstacle for animals and not only as an additional weight. During the creation and selection of equipment, attention is focused not only on the purely technical parameters and characteristics such as stabilization and clarity of the image, but also on the features of the equipment. The necessity of an improvement and improvement of the existing material and technical support of cinema units through the use of modern video information transmission systems and their application in the activities of the National Police of Ukraine is substantiated. A review of two advanced communication systems and a remote control of the dog is made, the main technical characteristics and features of the use of the noted devices are indicated. There are some ways to improve the effective use of official dogs in law enforcement activities. Paper concludes that the analysis and study of the experience of law enforcement agencies of foreign states will facilitate the formation of recommendations during the selection of equipment.
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    Проектування жилетів для службових собак. DESIGN OF VESTS FOR GUARD DOGS
    (2018) Будзинський, М.П.; Budzynskii, M.P.; Бакал, В.П.; Bakal, V.P.; Алексанров, М.Є.; Aleksandrov, M.Y.
    The article is devoted to the design of vests for service dogs. Vests for dogs of various designs are widely used by private owners of dogs, and special services, in particular, the cynological units of the police. At the same time, the working conditions of service dogs ànd ordinary dogs are different. There is a need for designing vests, the design of which would meet the purpose and conditions of use of service dogs. However, today the subject of most popular and scientific sources is devoted to designing clothes for dogs, without taking into account the specifics of their use and the typical dimensional features of breeds of service dogs. In this article, the authors determine the initial requirements for the design of vests for service dogs, consider the design features of existing vests, lead to a system of their sizes. The study of the initial requirements for the design of vests was carried out by an analytical method and a method of observation. When determining the main sizes of service dogs of different breeds, an instrumental method was used (measurements were made using a centimeter tape 2000 mm). The structural features of the vests and the basic sizes of the vests are determined by means of analysis and comparison methods, and also by the instrumental method. The experimental sample of the vest for service dogs is made using modern sewing equipment. Dynamic compliance of the sample is determined by method of modeling the situation. Scientific novelty consists in certain basic dimensional features for the design of vests for service dogs, as well as in determining the dependence of the size of vests on the breed, age and sex of the dog. Based on the conducted experiments (measurements of dogs of service breeds), the authors conclude that it is inexpedient to design a universal waistcoat of uniform size and emphasize the need to design waistcoats in different sizes. The practical significance of the study is the development of an experimental vest sample for service dogs. The conclusions contain the initial requirements for the design of vests for service dogs, determined by the authors. The materials of the article can be used to improve the process of designing clothes for official dogs of cynological units of the National Police of Ukraine.