Застосування національних стандартів України для оцінки відповідності феєрверків 1-го,2-го та 3-го класів технічному оегламенту піротехнічних виробів. APPLICATION OF NATIONAL STANDARDS OF UKRAINE FOR ASSESSMENT OF COMPLIANCE OF FIREWORKS OF THE 1ST, 2ND, 3RD, CLASSES WITH THE TECHNICAL REGULATION OF PYROTECHNIC PRODUCTS

Ukraine, as a member of the World Trade Organization, should harmonize its technical regulation system with that of other WTO members. To reform the national technical regulation, new laws of Ukraine were adopted: “On metrology and metrological activity”, “On standardization”, “On technical regulations and conformity assessment”, “On accreditation of conformity assessment bodies”. The European approach to technical regulatory coherence is confirmed by the existence of mutual recognition agreements for conformity assessment results. Conformity assessment in the EU is carried out for compliance with product directives. Product directives define mandatory general (essential) safety requirements. The task of establishing specific characteristics is assigned to European standards, which are voluntary for application. Products manufactured in accordance with the requirements of European standards harmonized with the EU directive are considered to meet the essential requirements of the directive (presumption of conformity principle). European directives are being implemented in Moldova as technical regulations. This normative and legal act, adopted by the public authorities, establishes mandatory requirements for the elimination of the threat to the national security, protection of human life, health and property, protection of animals, plants and environment, etc. Under each approved regulation, the list of national standards ensuring compliance with the requirements of the regulations will be made public. Lists of national standards are formed in accordance with the methodological recommendations approved by the central executive authority, which ensures the formation of state policy in the field of technical regulation. The national standardization body shall, upon request of the relevant central executive authorities, provide them with information and methodological assistance on the formation of lists of national standards. The list of national standards is approved for the first time prior to the entry into force of the relevant technical regulations and is then updated as necessary by approval. In article some disputable questions arising in the course of expert estimations carrying out on marking and tests of fireworks on functioning for carrying out of an estimation of conformity to Technical regulations of pyrotechnic products are considered. Cases when compliance with technical regulations is certified, but certified “today” through the use of a limited list of standards, the voluntary use of which can be perceived as proof of compliance of pyrotechnic products to the requirements of the Technical Regulations of pyrotechnic means.
технічний регламент, . оцінювання відповіності, феєрвеки загального використування, technical regulations, conformity assessment, public fireworks