Розвиток систем контролю доступу до транспортних засобів. DEVELOPMENT OF ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS FOR VEHICLES

The paper deals with the confrontation between means and methods of illegal possession of vehicles or their disassembly, and means, which prevent the beginning of unlawful actions, and also hinder their completion. The subjects of consideration were mechanical devices, which blocked the opening of the door, hood, trunk of the vehicle, blocked the steering shaft, shaft gearbox to prevent theft. Automobile alarms without remote control and their vulnerability to the attacker are considered, possible ways to bypass signaling. With the development of threats to the property of citizens in the market began to appear means and technology in the field of protection against robbery. Over time, certain stages of development take place in the development of technology. The appearance of movable property such as motor vehicles has, to a certain extent, accelerated the development of protection. One of the areas of protection technology can be the protection of domestic and industrial premises, the protection of motor vehicles and etc. In the early stages of development, locking devices with physical keys were widely used. The history of the use of padlocks has almost a century history. The next stage in the development of access systems can be considered the emergence of alarms, which were included in the case of unauthorized entry into the vehicle. It should be referred to as mechanical and electromechanical devices with sirens and capacitive sensors, sensors for opening contacts or breaking the glass (vibrations) of the vehicle. The further direction in improving both ergonomic properties and increasing the stability from the influence of intruders can be considered the introduction of automotive signaling remote action. The article deals with the codes of increased stability: the double dynamic code D-2, the double dynamic code D-square, DID technology used in transponders-tags, through which the security system recognizes the owner. The dynamic code Time Code, in which the signal is encoded Radiant, contains information with a time label. The basic principles of signal coding are defined - Keeloq Code Hopping. The means of breaking alarms using the radio scanner, grader is considered. The functional and technical specifications of the modern remotely controlled car alarm system with multichannel control (8192 channels) and increased immunity from breaking code (DUPLEX DIALOG) and possibility of control from any point of the world (Bilarm GPS / GSM) are presented.
контроль доступу, кодер, access control, encoder