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The paper is devoted to the analysis of the development of handcuffs structures. Today, police officers and other law enforcement officers prevent criminal acts, during the arrest and convoy of suspected persons or offenders, are widely used special means of restrictive action – handcuff. An analysis of available sources of information revealed the existence of bundles of various designs. Like any special tool, handcuff need to be improved in order to increase the effectiveness of their use, as well as the provision of such important requirements in the context of human rights protection as injury prevention. In the article, the authors, on the basis of popular scientific and technical sources, consider the development of the structure of the handcuffs, their characteristic design features and the peculiarities of their application. Research on the development of the design was carried out by analytical and observational methods. To study the principle of the mechanisms of modern chains, experiments were carried out on their application, with observance of safety rules when handling with special means. Scientific novelty of the study is to determine the term “handcuff” and their classification as a special type of special means on the basis of the reference area of the human body, on which they are fixed. A detailed classification of handcuffs construction is made on the basis of separate constructive solutions of handcuffs, made at different stages of their development. In the conclusions, the authors, on the basis of the analysis, draw a conclusion on the need to standardize the processes of development, improvement and industrial fabrication of the bundles by developing normative and technical documentation in which the general technical (in particular, constructive) requirements for the bundles will be determined, a clear classification of bands, definition terms and concepts, as well as requirements for the safety of the handcuffs. Materials of the research can be used in the development of the national standard on handcuffs, the draft of which is currently published on the official website of the State Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.
спеціальні засоби, кайданки, конструкція, конструктивні елементи, уніфікація, special means, handcuff, design, constructive elements, unification