Загальні підходи до формування артикуляційних таблиць української мови для оцінки стану захисту складнозашумленої мовної інформації. GENERAL APPROACHES TO THE FORMATION OF ARTICULATION TABLES OF THE UKRAINIAN LANGUAGE TO ASSESS THE STATE OF PROTECTION OF EXCESSIVE NOISE SPEECH INFORMATION

The protection of speech information from leakage by acoustic and vibrational channels refers to the most important tasks of information security. The peculiarity of the current state is the existence of a significant lag of methods and devices of protecting the linguistic information in Ukraine from the possibilities of the malefactors to intercept and restore the information received. This is determined to the availability and approachable of high-sensitivity devices for malefactors, as well as the accelerated development of mathematical methods for digital processing of phonograms. A significant contribution to the urgency of the problem is the imperfection of the method of evaluate the level of protection of speech information. In Ukraine, the criterion of security is the value of the signal / noise ratio at the boundary of the controlled zone and its compliance with the normative value. This approach does not take into account the possibilities of noise clearing and restoration of the malefactor of intercepted language information.The use of active noise interference systems with a high level additionally leads to the formation of significant problems. In the USA and Europe the estimation of the speech information protection by objectivized methods is based on the speech residual intelligibility coefficient determination, which is calculated from the spectral analysis results. To undertake specialized experiments, it is necessary to develop formalized test signals synthesized on the basis of Ukrainian language articulation tables. Nowadays, there are no such tables, and there are no methods for synthesizing them. This does not allow determining the assessment of the level of protection of hard-noise speech information. The statistical researches the frequency of the use of the letters of the Ukrainian alphabet in the specialized texts of professional appointment are conducted. Categories “Information Security”, “Criminalistics” and “Economics” are considered. This approach allows developing recommendations for the synthesizing of articulation tables that will be adapted to the professional features of speech information on a particular object. The further research direction is to obtain the allophones use frequency and to synthesize the specialized complex articulation tables of the Ukrainian, English, Greek and Russian languages on the basis of the information obtained.
алофон, артикуляційна таблиця, складнозашумлена мовна інформація, частоти використання букв, allophones, excessive-noise speech information, articulation table, frequency of use of letters