Особливості професійної культури юрисконсульта. Features of Professional Culture of a Legal Adviser.

Досліджено професійну культуру юрисконсульта, її внутрішню будову та структурні елементи. Висвітлено способи її вдосконалення. Исследована профессиональная культура юрисконсульта, ее внутреннее строение и структурные элементы. Освещены пути ее совершенствования. The article studies features of professional culture of a legal adviser, substantiated by specific areas of his/her professional activity. The category of professional culture is considered in the light of the general and legal culture. Basing on the ratio of these concepts, the main features of the professional culture are highlighted. The main attention is paid to the characteristics of the theoretical model of professional culture, to selecting its structural elements, namely: legal knowledge, legal ethics, moral qualities, aesthetics of speech and appearance, political and economic knowledge, behavioural psychology and data keeping. The inner structure of the professional culture of a legal adviser is analysed, its components are given, characteristics and specific features of each component are determined.
правова культура; професійна культура; особливості професійної культури;, професійна деформація; правове виховання; юрисконсульт., правовая культура; профессиональная культура; особенности профессиональной культуры;, профессиональная деформация; правовое воспитание, юрисконсульт., legal culture; professional culture; professional culture features;, professional deformation; legal education; legal adviser.