Психологічні особливості відповідальності як провідної професійно важливої характеристики поліцейського.Psychological Features of Responsibility as the Leading Professionally Important Feature of Police Officers

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Зазначено, що відповідальність є інтегральною моральною характеристикою особистості поліцейського, комплексом його моральних, вольових, когнітивних і емоційних якостей. Визначено, що відповідальність постає однією із форм його регуляції та саморегуляції, а також визначає ефективність і результативність професійної діяльності та життєдіяльності поліцейського.Отмечено, что ответственность является интегральной моральной характеристикой личности полицейского, комплексом его моральных, волевых, когнитивных и эмоциональных качеств. Определено, что ответственность выступает одной из форм его регуляции и саморегуляции, а также определяет эффективность и результативность профессиональной деятельности и жизнедеятельности полицейского.In the article the author points out that responsibility is an integral characteristic of the moral police identity. A police officer is a public person, a representative of the executive power, so he/she has to meet special requirements in all spheres of life (personal, social and professional). Responsibility is a set of moral, volitional, cognitive and emotional characteristics of a police identity and acts as a form of its regulation and self-regulation; determines the efficiency and effectiveness of its professional work and life. Responsibility psychograms police is the leading psychological characteristic. As a psychological category, it may be visible (external) and invisible (internal) sphere of manifestation; low, medium or high level of formation; wearing a retrospective, situational-caused or forward-looking. The author stressed that it is imperative to check the professional, social and personal responsibility of the candidate for service at the National Police agencies. Subjects engaged in professional psychological selection of the candidate to serve in the National Police, the necessary depth and diverse, carefully and painstakingly examine the candidate’s ability to be responsible. This is applied not only to psychodiagnostic methods, but also the methods of special assignments and supervision. The main components of checking the level of personal, social and professional responsibility should be cognitive, emotional and volitional, motivational. The author argued that a person can be considered responsible, when she/he faithfully treats his/her own obligations, duties and commitments. Responsibility can be viewed through its levels, namely: low when the person is deemed irresponsible, unreliable; middle level: the person is considered to be situational based responsible (that is, a person is responsible depending on the conditions of life and other factors); high level – the person is considered responsible, reliable in all spheres of life; a very high level – the person is considered to be highly responsible and liable not only for the consequences of his/her actions, deeds, activities (inactivity), but also others.
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