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Статтю присвячено питанням забезпечення конституційних прав людини, потерпілої від злочину. Висвітлюється питання співвідношення понять «потерпілий» і «постраждалий»; аналізуються конституційні принципи, що забезпечують дотримання прав і свобод громадян; конкретизується критерій справедливості щодо забезпечення конституційних прав людини. Доводиться, що проблема захисту прав потерпілих не є суто кримінально-правовою та кримінологічною, вона передбачає розгляд і вирішення її в конституційно-правовому аспекті. The article is devoted to issues of ensuring constitutional human rights, victims of crime. The article deals with the question of the correlation between the concepts of “injured” and “victim”, since the appearance of a victim's figure in scientific liter- ature is predominantly associated with a single legal fact, which is the commission of a crime that causes harm. At the same time, there is also the opinion that a victim of criminal law must also recognize a person who is harmed as a crime and other so- cially dangerous acts. The constitutional principles that ensure the observance of the rights and freedoms of citizens are analyzed, namely: the correlation of the principle of the reality of rights, freedoms and responsibilities of a person and a citizen. The political and legal essence of which is that the rights, freedoms and duties of a person and a citizen must be not only declared in the legislative acts, but guaranteed and actually secured both by the state as a whole and by its separate institutes. That prin- ciple of the rule of law, as a source in ensuring legal justice. Which is the fundamen- tal principle of a law-governed state, without which it is impossible to exercise the rights and freedoms of the individual, as well as the guarantees provided to it by the state authorities. Equity criteria for constitutional human rights are specified, since justice is recognized as an essential element of justice. It turns out that the problem of protecting the rights of victims is not merely criminal and criminological, it involves consideration and resolution of it in the constitutional and legal aspect.
права громадянина, потерпілий, постраждалий, соціальний статус суб’єкта, принцип верховенства права, справедливість, citizen's rights, victim, social status of the subject, rule of law, justice