Комунікативні механізми розвитку правосвідомості особистості.Personality’s legal Awareness: Communicative Mechanisms of Progress

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Досліджено комунікативні умови та критерії розвитку правосвідомості особистості. Розкрито особливості формування правосвідомості особистості з позиції безперервності процесу вдосконалення власних уявлень про наявну й бажану політико-правову дійсність. Розглянуто три типи когнітивних самообмежень особистості, що блокують процес комунікації людини зі світом.The article deals with the development of personality’s legal awareness in the conditions of human experience crises of social instability. Systematic synthesis of scientific knowledge about the personality’s legal awareness progress was carried out in the context of communication theory of the mental. According to this theory, the process of personality’s existing is considered as continuous process of formation of system of psychological communications between the person and reality. Correspondingly, breach of legal consciousness is manifested not in erroneous interpretation by the person some events or phenomena, but in his refusal to improve (to coordinate with the new experience) the representations about the wished and existing course of low and political reality. The author considers three types of personality’s cognitive self-restrictions, which blockades the process of communication person with actuality. Empirical research substantiates the fact, that these self-restrictions disturb personality’s choosing of sanogenic strategies of manner with unsatisfying development of social-legal institutions. The author pays attention to connection each of these three ways of «personality’s protection against progress» with specific communicative difficulties of the person and with typicaldisturbances of psychological wellbeing. These regularities are forming the basis for the creation of communicative criteria for defining of problems in personality’s legal awareness progress. Ways of rehabilitation of personality’s bio-psycho-social health by means of the facilitation-orientated communication are also considered in the article.
правосвідомість, політико-правова дійсність, когнітивні самообмеження особистості, legal awareness, political-legal reality, personality’s cognitive self-restrictions